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  • Lynne Themelaras

The Divine Contract

Do you ever find yourself pondering the promises of God, wondering how they apply to your life? It’s like a divine contract, isn’t it? “If we do our part, then He will do His.” This thought has been on my mind lately, especially as I’ve been delving into the book of Philippians.

Philippians, a letter to the church in a bustling trade center, was a melting pot of cultures and beliefs much like our diverse nation today. It’s a place where different gods were worshipped, and people from all over the known world lived, many of whom had become Roman citizens. They had plenty of reasons not to get along, just like our nation at times.

In Philippians 4:6-9, we encounter another profound “If, then” statement. It’s a reminder that our relationship with God operates on this principle.

IF, we choose not to worry but instead pray about everything with thankfulness, THEN, He promises to grant us incredible peace.

IF, we keep our thoughts fixed on things that bring glory and honor to God and others, THEN, the God of Peace will always be with us.

How often do we long for God to take away our inner turmoil, sadness, and distress, yet we forget to approach Him with thankfulness or keep our minds focused where they should be? It’s a painful realization that we often allow ourselves to be dragged down by the waves of new drama, fixating on the negative, and speaking words of discontentment.

We neglect to enter His presence with praise and thanksgiving, just as our kids might burst into our room complaining about their sibling’s annoyances before even saying “good morning.” There’s no sign of affection or appreciation, only a demand to fix their problem. It can be irritating, can’t it?

In our relationship with the Lord, we can fall into the same rhythm. We eagerly read the benefits of becoming co-heirs with Christ but forget that this is a relationship, not a contract. Everything is reciprocal: If I; then He.

So, let’s strive to approach God with a heart full of thanksgiving, fix our thoughts on the things that honor Him, and remember that His promises are like a divine contract, ready to be fulfilled when we do our part. In the end, it’s not just about the promises; it’s about the relationship we build with our Heavenly Father.

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