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  • Lynne Themelaras

Embracing Fear: A Journey to Courage through Faith

Have you ever pondered the dichotomy of fear? Is it the impulse to flee or the bravery to face challenges head-on? The concept can be encapsulated in two acronyms: "Facing Everything And Run" or "Facing Every Thing And Rise." This intriguing idea reflects our reactions in daunting situations. Do we cower, seeking refuge, or do we confront our fears, determined to conquer them?

Recently, I was asked, "What would you do if you couldn't fail?" This question, in essence, asks what we would pursue if no obstacles hindered our path. As I reflected, I found myself unable to pinpoint any genuine barriers except for one: fear. It's astonishing how fear, a mere mental construct, can exert such control over our decisions and actions. Despite the repeated assurance in the Bible to trust in the Lord, seek His guidance, and follow His direction, fear still manages to shackle us, hindering us from fulfilling our divine calling.

For me, the most daunting fear is the fear of exposure. The pressure of being in the spotlight, even for positive reasons, can be overwhelming. It forces me to confront my imperfections. Admitting that I am a recovering people-pleaser and perfectionist, I grapple with this battle daily. Yet, I find solace in the knowledge that I can lean on the Lord's strength to overcome. Stepping out in faith is undeniably challenging, but the exhilaration of walking in alignment with my purpose, my calling, and my destiny is unparalleled.

I wonder, what fear holds you back? Is it the fear of exposure, like mine, or something entirely different? My prayer for you today is that you identify your fear, surrender it to the Lord, and press forward. We must recognize that life's spectators are always waiting for us to rise up, to embrace who God called us to be. By doing so, we inspire courage in others, enabling them to become who God intended them to be.

In times of fear and uncertainty, I find comfort in the words of Psalm 56:3 (NIV): "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." This scripture serves as a reminder that our faith can triumph over fear, empowering us to face every challenge with unwavering confidence in the Lord's divine plan for our lives.

Let us choose to rise above our fears, embracing each challenge as an opportunity to strengthen our faith and fulfill our purpose. As we do so, we not only transform our lives but also become beacons of hope and inspiration for others, encouraging them to rise and embrace the incredible journey God has laid out for them.

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