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We are devoted to prayer, worship, and equipping people for Spirit-filled living


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  • Covenant Missions (George, South Africa)
    Fri, Jul 14
    George, South Africa
    We are teaming up with Life Community Services to serve the most vulnerable children in George, South Africa. Our team is limited to 11 people. The first 11 who register will have a guaranteed spot. All others will be on the wait-list and notified if a space becomes available.
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Discover Your Identity, Define Your Life, and Declare Your Future!

Do you feel stuck? Do you question if there’s more to this life than you’re experiencing?



How to Discover Your Identity, Define Your Life,

and Declare Your Future


From the very beginning, words created worlds. This truth is still alive today. What if you could reshape your life by making daily declarations that can place you on a pathway to defining your future? When you learn the power of words and how to use them properly, you can discover a new world awaiting your arrival. 


My goal is to inspire you to pray like never before, so I provide prayers and decrees covering various aspects of life. Your life is voice-activated, and I welcome you on a voyage of discovery. 

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